Computation of Working Capital Requirements

working capital Requirements

Computation of Working Capital Requirements.A company must be able to assess its working capital requirement appropriately for the hassle-free conduct of business. Bifurcation of the working capital into ‘Permanent Working Capital’ and ‘Temporary Working Capital’ would follow after that, which enables the business entity to take a decision regarding the level of working capital to … Read more

Intermediaries in Secondary Market

Intermediaries in Secondary Market

Intermediaries in the Secondary Market. The secondary market is also known as the ‘after-market’. It refers to the financial market to buy and sell financial instruments and securities which have been previously issued. These financial instruments include stock, bonds, futures, and options. other names for such markets are Stock market or Stock Exchange. Following are … Read more

NABARD | Function and working of NABARD

NABARD. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)  was set up pursuant to the recommendations made by the Committee to Review Arrangements for Institutional Credit for Agriculture and Development (CRAFICARD). It was set up on July 12, 1982. The main purpose of NABARD was to te cohesive rural growth and to ensure the provision of … Read more

Structure of Indian Financial System.


Structure of Indian Financial System. There are four segments or components of the Indian financial system. These are financial institutions, financial markets, financial instruments, and financial services. The structure of the financial system in an economy is shown in the figure below. 1) Indian financial Institutions Indian financial institutions. Different kinds of organizations that act … Read more

Life Insurance and products by life insurers

A life insurance contract is a contract where the insurer agrees to pay the premium in lumpsum or in the periodic form to the assured or to another beneficial person at the decided amount either on the death of the insured or on the expiry of a specified period of time. Different Products Offered by … Read more

Mutual Funds and Their Types

Mutual fund

Mutual Funds and Their Types. A Mutual fund is a pool of money representing the saving made by a number of investors. The funds so collected are managed by professionals by investing in equity as well as debt instruments like stocks, debentures, bonds, money markets, and other financial instruments. The job of the fund manager … Read more

Monetary Policy of Reserve Bank of India

Monetary Policy or credit Control Methods of RBI. Monetary policy is defined as the policy of the Central Bank where the cost, availability, and use of money are controlled by using monetary methods so as to attain predetermined objectives. It uses various instruments to determine aggregate demand for goods and services or analyze the trends … Read more

Dividend Policy and their Types

Intermediaries in Secondary Market

Dividend Policy and their Types. The vision of a company regarding the part of the profit ( remaining after the retained earnings are kept aside) to be declared as a dividend. is referred to as its ” Dividend Policy”. The dividend policy of a company is developed and implemented through its ‘Board of Directors. It … Read more

Types of Dividends

Intermediaries in Secondary Market

Types of Dividends. The term dividend denotes that part of the company’s balance of profit ( after the execution of its ‘Retained Earning’) is available for equal distribution amongst the shareholders (investors ) of the company. Dividends are a form of incentive to the shareholders for having invested in the company’s shares. This is the … Read more

Top 10 Digital Marketing tools 2022


Top 10 Digital marketing tools. Friends, if you are learning or doing digital marketing, then today we will tell you about 10 such tools which will be of great use to you. These tools should be known to every person associated with digital marketing. These tools can make your digital marketing work easier and in … Read more