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Since the release of ‘Aadujeevitham‘, there has been controversy surrounding whether the intimate scenes between Najeeb and a goat, as depicted in the book, were actually filmed for the movie. The book subtly refers to Najeeb having an intimate moment with a goat in the desert. Speculations have arisen suggesting that the scene was shot but later removed by the censor board.

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Director Blessy has now clarified the situation, dispelling all rumours. In an interview with Manorama News’s ‘Nere Chovve’, Blessy stated that no such intimate scenes with the goat were ever filmed or submitted to the censor board.
“This is an unnecessary controversy. I’m not sure if someone is deliberately creating these rumours. I hope the audience will distance themselves from such rumours,” said Blessy.
Blessy explained that he adapted a 43-page novel into a movie script. ‘If I had included all the elements from the novel, I would have had to make at least 10 movies. That’s how detailed the novel is. I haven’t done that. The aim is to capture the essence of the novel’.
From the outset, Blessy has maintained that the movie is from his perspective and that he has incorporated many elements into the film that are not present in the book.
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Regarding the controversial scene with the goat, Blessy commented, ‘During the scripting stage, discussions about this scene arose. The way Benyamin wrote the scene is quite subtle. But for me to film such a scene is not easy. However, that wasn’t my main concern. I could have shot the scene in various ways, but I was thinking about Najeeb. Wouldn’t he feel guilt afterwards? Perhaps the Najeeb in the book is without guilt, but my Najeeb is not like that’.
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