Top 10 Digital Marketing tools 2022

Top 10 Digital marketing tools. Friends, if you are learning or doing digital marketing, then today we will tell you about 10 such tools which will be of great use to you. These tools should be known to every person associated with digital marketing. These tools can make your digital marketing work easier and in less time.

Top 10 Digital Marketing tools 2022

1) Canva:

In digital marketing, we need to create post stories, etc. for which we should know editing. But if you use canva then you do not need to learn to edit because in this you can do very good editing very easily. Pre-templates are also available in this, in which we can create a lot of content by editing a little. In this, you can easily create content for any platform of social media. You can create anything logo, thumbnail, poster, etc. through this website.

2) vidiq:

If you do video marketing or create content related to videos or have a youtube channel, then this tool can prove to be very helpful for you. With the help of vidiQ, you can do keyword analysis as well as you can SEO on your youtube channel. It is available in both free and paid, in which you get many features even free.

3) Buzzsumo:

This tool is very good for SMO. SMO means social media marketing. This tool is very good for content analysis, with the help of this you can also know the trending topic or you can also know the trending topic related to your keyword with its help.

4 ) Grammarly:

Although Grammarly is used in blog or content writing, digital marketing is also of great importance. When we write a post, then it can be used grammatically in its context. It corrects your grammar mistake. If you make a grammar mistake in your post, then its effect does not go well on your customer, so with the help of this tool, you can remove your grammar mistake.

5) Answer the public:

This tool is very good to know the question related to your keyword. With the help of this, you can know what questions people related to your content ask, in response to which you can create good content. With this, you will not have any problem in blurring the content.

Digital marketing tools

6) Ubber suggests:

This is a very good tool for keyword analysis, they also have semrush and ahrefs tools but they are quite expensive. Through this tool, you can also check the backlink as well as know the competition. If you do not want to invest money at all, then you can also use google keyword planner. Through this, you can easily get all the information related to your keyword for free.

7) udemy:

To be successful in digital marketing or any field, you need to learn something every day. This is a learning app where you get many courses related to digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, etc. by which you can become an expert.

8) Fiverr:

There are many such things in digital marketing or online business which we cannot do ourselves, for this we can take the help of this. Fiverr website where we can get our work done online. This is a website where people come to do and get their work done. Many things like graphic designing, logo, content writing, SEO, data entry, etc. can be done here.

9) Bitly:

This website helps in shortening your link so that your link looks good as well as with the help of this you can also know how the link you have shared is performing. You can get information about how much organic it has been shared etc.

10) Linktree:

This website is great for sharing many of your links in one place. Like you can share the same link on Instagram, but if you want to put a link to your website, a link to youtube, a social link, or other links, then you can put it with the help of it. Linktree makes you a page that contains all your links.

Besides, Mailchimp is very good for email marketing, so you can do email marketing for free. In addition, the smallseo tool is also very good for you, with the help of this you can check plagiarism, and convert the image into text, there are many such tools available in it that can help you a lot in your digital marketing. keyword everywhere is this extension which helps in your keyword research.

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