6 Tools help in content writing.

6 tools help in content writing tools | If you do content writing or are thinking of writing a blog, then today we will tell you about 6 such tools that will make your content writing work very easy. From grammar mistakes to headlines, we will give you information about how to make your blog rank on Google.

6 Tools Help in content writing  

  1. Hemingway Editor : When we write something, it is our thought which is very chaotic. Due to which that sentence becomes very long, due to which our Readability score decreases. To rank our article in Google, the readability score of our article should be good, which we can do through this website. It tells us where we should shorten our sentences.
    2. Grammarly: This website corrects our grammar mistakes. Its extension can be get from Google for free. After the extension is installed, wherever you type on your computer, it tells your grammar mistake. Wherever there is a mistake in your sentence, it makes it red and suggests how to correct that sentence or word.
    3. Headline analyzer: Headline is very important in content writing or blogging. This tool is very good for making a good headline. With the help of this tool, you can create a headline that can be ranked on Google soon. With the help of this tool, you can know. How do your competitors write the heading and how can you write a better heading than them. In this, you get a score that you can increase or decrease by changing the heading slightly.

Tools Help in writing Content

4.Quetext: Your content is good only when its readability score is good as well as it is plagiarism free. That is, it has not been copied from anywhere. With the help of this tool, you can easily check plagiarism. It has both free and paid versions. If you are a content writer, then you should take its premium tool which is not very expensive.

  1. Google docs: This tool is very good and important for content writers. It not only tells you the grammar mistake but in this, you can share your document with others and give them the right to edit it. The changes that you will make in your document with whom you will share the document, those changes will be made live in your document.
  2. Answer the public: Through this tool, you can know the questions related to the topic on which you want to write through this tool. You can increase your SEO score by putting in h2, and h3 heading, as well as get your article ranked on google quickly.

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