Why do the Eagles have black helmets on?

The Eagles have worn black alternate jerseys for a number of seasons, but on "Sunday Night Football," they'll add a new element to the outfit: black helmets.

You're in luck if you prefer the black helmets. In their last six games, the Eagles will wear them twice more in an effort to qualify for the playoffs once more and

helmet restrictions, the Panthers, Jets, Cardinals, Saints, and Commanders have all matched alternate black helmets with black outfits.The NFL made the following

changes to enable these helmets.The NFL loosened a player safety rule from 2013 that only allowed teams to have one helmet during the offseason. Many clubs adopted alternate

and throwback helmets as a result of the regulation change, including the Eagles' black helmets.For the 2022 season, thirteen teams have adopted alternate helmets,

and it's feasible that additional teams will do the same in 2023 when they'll have had more time to prepare.The Eagles chose black helmets over retro Kelly green helmets,

which displeased several supporters. It won't be ready until 2023,

according to owner Jeffrey Lurie, who said he's working with Nike to produce a Kelly green helmet and jersey.