When asked why a Packers player was let go, Matt LaFleur gave a nasty response.

By releasing running back Kylin Hill from the Green Bay Packers' roster this week, they made a small roster adjustment.The team's offense did not include the seventh-round

pick for 2021, and his midseason departure is not particularly noteworthy.What is noteworthy, though, is how open coach Matt LaFleur was in his explanation of the change.

Hill's conduct, in LaFleur's words, fell short of what was expected of a Packers player, and he acknowledged that off-field issues played a bigger role in Hill's release 

than anything he did or did not do on the field.According to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, LaFleur said, "Being a member of the Green Bay Packers, it's a privilege."

"We want the lads to live up to the standards and expectations that have been set for each member of this team. I understand what Kylin has gone through, and I am aware that

it hasn't been simple for him to recover from the horrific knee injury he sustained a year ago. We had high expectations for him and are aware that the room was full, but 

regardless of how big or small your job,we expect men to show up, be supportive, and perform your duties to the best of your abilities. If you don't, then that is what will happen.

Hill's behavior fell short for reasons that LaFleur did not elaborate on, but it appears that he was dissatisfied with his lack of participation. After receiving 10 carries

as a rookie, the second-year running back just received one this year.The Packers undoubtedly favor a "tough love" strategy.

In the end, Hill can unquestionably serve as an illustration of the repercussions of failing to uphold the organization's values.