Two firings on Monday stunned the football community.

The college football world has experienced an unexpected Black Monday.On Monday afternoon, we witnessed a few of unexpected firings of Group of Five head coaches.

The first, from UNLV, was really breathtaking. Despite increasing his victory total every year, the Rebels sacked head coach Marcus Arroyo.UNLV was this year's bowl

contender because to Arroyo. The Rebels can play in a bowl game but are allegedly planning to decline the invitation.As late as Sunday, Arroyo, who took over the program

during the COVID year in 2020, was receiving some support for conference coach of the year.Michael Daly contended that Marcus Arroyo, the head coach of UNLV, deserved to earn the

Mountain West Coach of the Year award in 2022."Marcus Arroyo improved UNLV every year he was there and, in his third season, the team was one victory away from a bowl game.

a team that has since 1988 posted four winning seasons.Being aware that one of Arroyo's years was a COVID year is, in my opinion, a bitter pill to swallow. 

rapid fire, "said Matt Prehm.Tim Lester, the head coach of Western Michigan, was sacked on Monday. The head coach was fired despite having a winning record over the

course of six seasons.The outside world is challenging.It will be intriguing to see if the future head coach of these two teams can improve their performances.