Tom Brady makes an announcement regarding the 2022 season.

Chris Simms, a former NFL quarterback, was asked earlier this week which player was more likely to leave mid-season: Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

This season, the Packers and the Buccaneers are both having trouble, and Brady and Rodgers have both hinted at retiring recently. Simms chose Brady, which is surprising.

"Normally, I'd think that person would be Rodgers. However, this is the one year I think it might be Brady because of this year and 

certain off-the-field issues that are striking close to home and personal Brady issues, added Simms.

On Thursday, Brady reacted to the theory by saying that he would continue to play the rest of the year.

Brady declared, "I have no plans to retire." Although it's not shocking, it's excellent to hear Brady speak candidly about the situation.

The Bucs, who have a record of 3-3 so far this season, will play the Panthers on Sunda

Perhaps Brady and the Tampa Bay team will get back on track in that game this season.