Tiger and Scheffler: Final Round Thrills 

Scottie Scheffler returns to stroke play after a break, viewing the Hero World Challenge as a start to the new season. 

Tiger Woods, also using this event as part of his recovery, trails Scheffler by 16 shots but values the physical progress he's made. 

Woods aims to complete the tournament, emphasizing his physical condition and minimized discomfort despite past injuries. 

Scheffler's revamped putting approach, supported by a new putter and coach Phil Kenyon, has significantly improved his putting performance. 

Scheffler leads by three strokes heading into the final round, showcasing a strong putting game and consistent play. 

Matt Fitzpatrick, closest to Scheffler, mirrors Jordan Spieth's diverse scorecard, mixing birdies, eagles, and occasional mistakes. 

Fitzpatrick's potential to challenge Scheffler in the final round aligns with his history of winning in diverse locales. 

Scheffler's lead, bolstered by consistent play and a revamped putting style, positions him as a strong contender for victory. 

Woods' focus remains on physical recovery and completing the tournament, acknowledging the challenges he faces with past injuries. 

The Hero World Challenge serves as a platform for both Woods and Scheffler, offering insights into their respective comebacks and improvements.