The Worrying Raiders Rumor Gets Reaction From NFL World.

The Las Vegas Raiders' first season under Josh McDaniels' leadership have not gone well. He has a 2-7 record going into Week 11 of the current campaign.

Many people have been talking about how McDaniels might be "one and done" in Las Vegas. That might not be feasible, though.

The Los Angeles Times' Bill Plaschke claims that the Raiders might not have the money to fire McDaniels and hire a replacement coach. The franchise, according to Plaschke,

is currently "cash poor."Even though the Raiders might be experiencing financial difficulties,

the NFL community thinks the team needs to find a way to fire McDaniels this offseason.Clarence Hill tweeted, "He should be one and done."

The ultimate Vegas squad must remain at the table in order to recover their losses, according to Ed Zitron.

One individual said, "This is the most Raiders s—t ever."It would be difficult to convince people to bring back McDaniels solely because it is the less expensive option.

McDaniels has a 13–24 career record. Despite many years of superb offensive coordination, it is becoming clear that he is not a top-tier head coach.

This offseason, the Raiders will have to make a difficult choice, particularly if McDaniels' difficulties persist.