The United States' Largest Volcano Has Just Erupted.

After a year of apparently never-ending negative news, we are finally nearing the finish line. Almost.

The fact that a big volcano is erupting in the United States makes it impossible to have peace and quiet for the rest of 2022.

Hawaii is home to the world's largest volcano, Mauna Loa. The big volcano in the US has been dormant for 40 years. It was reported by the BBC that "the latest eruption began

on Sunday night in Moku'weoweo, the volcano's summit caldera." The summit caldera, a depression formed by a previous eruption, is the only area where eruptions are taking

place at the present time. Recent earthquakes are most likely to blame for reawakening Mauna Loa. On Sunday, before the volcano's activity began, a dozen tremors were registered.

The US Geological Service is keeping a careful eye on the volcano in the United States (USGS). The public advisory was initially issued as a "advisory," but the government

swiftly upped it to a "warning" on Monday. In terms of USGS volcano categorization, "warning" is the highest possible alert level. A response team is in standby right now. 

It also released a statement regarding the potential for ashfall. Both March and April were affected by that eruption. Hilo, a town in Hawaii, was within 5 miles of where

the lava was most active. Over 45,000 people call the city home as of the 2020 census. One of the eight major islands that make up the Hawaiian archipelago is the island of Hawaii.

And its population is well over 200 thousand. Consequently, tens of thousands of people are understandably on edge due to reports of the volcano's possible risk in the U.S.