The new 48-volt Quant supercar has a "salt water" range of 600 miles per tank.

Engineers have advocated a variety of measures to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, and electric vehicles are just one of them.

However, there are a lot of problems slowing down the EV market, the most significant of which is the length of time required to charge a freshly installed battery.

But the Quantino electric super car may be the beginning of a revolution.

The nanoFlowcell supercar uses a proprietary saltwater mixture called bi-ION electrolyte, which is now under development and construction.

After being on the market for more than five years, the Quant48 has repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of the nanoFlowcell technology that drives this electric super car.

And now they want to take it to the next level by developing a new 2+2 roadster with even better gas consumption and performance. However, the fact that the current 

electric super car can travel 600 miles on a single charge is a major selling point. Unlike other electric vehicles, though, this one doesn't require constant charging.

Instead, the bi-ION electrolyte mixture produced by the business can be poured into the tank like regular gasoline. The Quant electric super car is providing new perspectives

 on the EV challenge because of its convenient fast-refueling choices. Improved range and performance for electric vehicles are within sight, 

thanks to developments like bi-ION electrolyte technology and flow batteries, which use two electrolyte solutions to store a charge.