The four words in Jameis Winston's message about quitting football.

Although the Saints head coach Dennis Allen made the announcement earlier this week that Andy Dalton will continue to be the offense's quarterback, the fan base has been

screaming for Jameis Winston to start this Sunday.Allen announced on Wednesday, "We're going with Andy." "As a staff, we talked about it. I had the chance to speak with both

quarterbacks, and I believe that for now, Andy is the way we should move forward."Since the Saints' game against the Vikings on October 2, Dalton has started at quarterback.

This season, he has 1,559 throwing yards, 11 touchdown passes, and 7 interceptions.

Winston, on the other hand, has been sidelined due to many ailments. He wants to compete with his teammates despite not being at full strength.

Winston spoke to reporters on Friday that his time away from the field " It hurts my soul." Moreover, Winston declared that he is "ready to go." But for now, he will continue

to serve as the Saints' backup quarterback. Winston had 858 throwing yards, four touchdowns, and five interceptions before being hurt.

The coaching staff might switch back to Winston running the offense if the Saints keep having problems.