Secret Auction Find: Costco Unveils Rare Screaming Eagle Wine! 

Costco is offering Screaming Eagle's Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon at a discounted price.

The wine, priced at $3,699.99 in Costco, is listed at an average of $4,787 elsewhere. 

This wine ranks as America's second most expensive wine on Wine Searcher. 

Screaming Eagle is known for its rarity, with limited vineyards and production. 

The winery has a devoted following, even with a waiting list for purchases. 

Costco has this wine in stock across various locations but in limited amounts. 

Costco reportedly obtained these bottles through a wine auction, not as direct clients of the winery. 

Aside from the wine, Costco offers other high-ticket items like a massive wheel of parmesan cheese 

and an autographed Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. The availability of these rare items at Costco offers unique opportunities for shoppers.

Despite being an unusual offering, the wine's availability at Costco sparks interest among wine enthusiasts