Sean Payton Makes a Hint That He Wants To Work With One NFL Quarterback

During Monday night's Saints vs. Ravens game, Payton joined Peyton and Eli Manning on the ManningCast. Jackson played a significant role in their discussion.

The former NFL head coach made a suggestion that he would like to work with Jackson in the upcoming season. After all, they will both be unrestricted free agents in 2023.

The first point, according to Payton, is that both he and I might become free agents in the future. "That's what I'd start with. On a more serious point, I believe we have already

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seen him advance the ball. Every weekend, it seems, we witness excellent vertical passing games. He is volatile. He's improved, in my opinion, as a thrower down the field."

Lamar Jackson likely won't be a free agent in 2023 though. The Ravens will probably franchise tag their star dual threat.

Having said that, Sean Payton had the opportunity to select Lamar Jackson while he was still the Saints' head coach. He blew his opportunity, and it appears that New

Orleans is currently doomed as a result.Payton will probably return to coaching in the NFL, but it's difficult to see him working with Jackson.

Sean Payton has stated his want to coach in the NFL once more, but where? Lamar Jackson's future may have an impact on that.