RUMOR: The Dodgers planned to sign Aaron Judge rather than letting Trea Turner go.

This offseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers might be in the running to sign Aaron Judge, and they allegedly would even be prepared to let Trea Turner go as part of a potential trade

 for the New York Yankees outfielder. Turner will be able to sign for free agency in the offseason of 2022, and Mark Feinsand of identified the possible destinations

for him. Even if the Dodgers are on the list and would be a perfect fit for the talented shortstop, Feinsand underlined that the LA team's interest in Judge might prevent

 the reunion from happening. The NL West champion Dodgers have been mentioned frequently as being willing to let Turner leave in order to make a strong bid for Judge, 

which might exclude them from consideration for the shortstop, according to Feinsand. One of the most dependable shortstops in the league, Trea Turner is anticipated 

to fetch a high salary when he enters the free agent market; in fact, his upcoming deal may only fall short of what Aaron Judge is anticipated to earn.

After a remarkable season in which he broke the American League record for single-season home runs with 62, the Yankees star is expected to want a deal worth over $300 million.

Turner's future with the Dodgers is unknown, but whatever they decide, it will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the team's future.