Ronald Acua Jr. announced his retirement from baseball in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Winter League's Ronald Acua treated baseball fans to an all-time home run celebration last night.That young man seemed to be having fun in his native nation,

but it appears that there were terrible events taking place behind the scenes. The family of Ronald Acua Jr. was attacked in the game's seventh inning.

A source claims that the Acua family was attacked with beer and soft drink cups during the middle of the seventh inning. If the big league had decided to stop playing,

this would have been the reason.On Instagram, Ronald Acua Jr. declared his retirement from Venezuelan baseball.That something like this had to happen is regrettable.

Acua is obviously happy to play in front of his own nation. They treat him like a king, yet circumstances like these are frequently unavoidable.

There will always be others who are envious of Acua's achievements, which may lead to unfavorable violent situations.Let's wait and watch how things develop.

Acua was visibly upset after the incident, but it appears that his baseball career in Venezuela is over, at least for the time being. 

This includes his scheduled participation in the World Baseball Classic in March.