Retiree Woes: Challenges with 2024 Social Security COLA 

Social Security benefits are set to rise by 3.2% in 2024, but dissatisfaction looms. 

Atticus survey: 62% of retirees were dissatisfied with the 3.2% COLA increase. 

Many feel the increase won't cover rising expenses, altering lifestyles.

64% plan to reduce discretionary spending; 36% plan to cut essentials. 

Some plan to work to cover expenses not offset by the 2024 COLA. 

Key issues: Social Security is not designed to fully fund retirement. 

COLAs often arrive after seniors face increased expenses, causing hardship. 

Concerns over CPI-W's accuracy in reflecting seniors' rising healthcare costs. 

There is widespread worry about Social Security's future solvency and sustainability. 

Proposals for reforms to prevent future cuts in Social Security benefits.