Regarding his World Cup future, Lionel Messi makes a remark.

The information that many people have long believed is being confirmed by Lionel Messi.

In a Monday press conference at the World Cup in Qatar, the legendary Argentine soccer player said that this would be his final World Cup.

According to Spanish journalist Alfredo Martinez, Messi declared that this World Cup would be his last. "This is my final chance to win it.

Messi continued, "I don't know if this is the happiest time in my career, but I feel great." "I make an effort to live each moment to the utmost. 

I didn't have time to enjoy it before. Messi still has one huge gap to fill despite holding virtually every other trophy

 there is to earn throughout the course of his illustrious career on the field: he hasn't yet won the World Cup with Argentina.

 Argentina and Messi came the closest in 2014, finishing behind Germany in the World Cup final match and losing 1-0. However, they have also

suffered some sad losses over the years, and now Argentina will be under intense pressure to triumph in Qatar during Messi's final campaign.