Reactions To Gisele Purchase News From The NFL World.

Legendary supermodel Gisele Bundchen reportedly made a covert purchase of her own before concluding her divorce from Tom Brady.

According to reports, the illustrious supermodel bought a "modest" house near Miami, Florida.

Before agreeing to a divorce, Tom and Gisele had been living apart for some weeks.

It's unknown whether Gisele had already moved into this new house or if she simply bought it for other reasons.

In the midst of Tom Brady's NFL comeback, Gisele Bündchen secretly purchased a modest property, according to the New York Post.

Social media has being used by fans to respond.

"It's difficult for me to believe she could have found anything great in Miami for 1.25. I would research past sale prices, "a follower wrote.

Bundchen has the financial means to purchase as many homes as she desires. She is one of the wealthiest supermodels ever.