Pedri talks about Lionel Messi and his ideal World Cup opponents.

Pedri, a top player for Barcelona and Spain, has stated his desire to play Argentina's Lionel Messi in the 2022 World Cup final.

This winter's tournament in Qatar is set to include Spain and Argentina, the latter of which hasn't lost in 36 games and the former of which is led by perhaps the competition's

 most accomplished manager (Luis Enrique). Pedri expressed his desire to play Argentina in the championship match to EFE ahead of Spain's Group E opener against Costa Rica: 

"Messi's Argentina. A Spain-Argentina World Cup final is what I would like to see. Leo is someone I wish to play against because I have never done so. It would be wonderful.

"Messi used to counsel us on how to maintain composure during games. He always encouraged us to be ourselves on the field.

"I have never seen a player play like Messi. It is a privilege to have had the opportunity to play alongside him. 

From the first minute I met him, he always had a positive attitude toward me and treated me extremely nicely."

After the Real Madrid player left the France camp on Saturday due to an injury, Pedri was questioned about Karim Benzema's withdrawal from the competition. 

He responded, "Benzema is a world class player with a lot of quality, especially off the ball.