NFL World Astounded By Sunday's Referee Error.

How frequently have you witnessed a 12th player enter the game during a real NFL play? And how frequently have you witnessed the player escape punishment?

On Sunday, it was a first for us.A 12th Seahawks player seemed to enter the field during a Derek Carr interception, as was noted on social media. The player was overlooked.

The fan tweeted, "After Derek Carr's first interception, a 12th Seahawks player ran onto the field and started blocking."It seems to be the case.

The error has left the NFL World in a state of shock."Cheat Carroll is responsible for fostering a culture of dishonesty and bad sportsmanship. Every location he has

coached has operated in the same manner "a follower wrote.One supporter continued, "I've heard Seattle supporters talk about this famous "Twelfth Man" for years.

"Normally, when you use someone else's discovery as your own, you give them credit in the original post.

Clown conduct is only mentioning them in passing in the comments. a good catch, "fan added, one.

"This is absurd. great discovery "Another supporter wrote.