NFL team worries about an empty stadium on Christmas Day

The Rams and Broncos will play at SoFi Stadium on Christmas Day. There is a good likelihood that the Los Angeles stadium will be visibly empty because both teams are 

now far below.500.The Rams are making an effort to stay ahead of this issue, according to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal. They are attempting to persuade season

ticket holders to donate their seats to fans of the Broncos and Rams.The Rams are attempting to prevent a potential Christmas Day no-show issue by donating unsold 

season tickets to charitable organisations, according to Fischer.According to Fisher, the Rams prefer that the unused tickets be given to one of the 28 permitted charities.

A raffle for items from the Rams' sponsors will be open to fans who donate their tickets for the game on Christmas Day.Going into the season, the Broncos-Rams game was expected 

to be a fascinating contest.The Broncos have been a tremendous letdown thus far. Even Russell Wilson's teammates are upset with him because of how terribly he has performed.

The Rams, on the other hand, have had difficulty producing football of championship standard. Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford are hurt, which makes the situation worse.

The Broncos and Rams' disappointing matchup will be broadcast on CBS.