NFL fans respond to the troubling news about Josh Allen.

Behind their star quarterback Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills have one of the best offenses in the entire NFL this season. 

With an average of 28.1 points and 417.4 total offense yards per game, the squad is ranked No. 2 in the entire conference.

However, the team has recently faced some rather alarming difficulties in one particular area.

While the offense has been largely good, some costly red zone turnovers have prevented it from being quite as effective as it may be.

Warren Sharp, a well-known NFL expert, notes that the Buffalo Bills are currently experiencing a troubling trend of red zone interceptions.

Sharp posted on Twitter on Thursday in the afternoon, "FIVE red zone INTs in the Bills in SIX games."Josh Allen and the Bills are most definitely not benefiting from this trend,

and the NFL community had a lot to say about their woes on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.Although the Bills are still in first position in the AFC North and have one of

the top offenses in the NFL, it's clear that this is something that needs to be rectified soon if the team wants to contend for a championship this season.