NFL community responds to dubious Tom Brady charity controversy.

After a lot of off season drama, some significant on-field setbacks, and a very public divorce that cost him a lot of money, it's safe to say that Tom Brady has been in the news a lot

 recently. Additionally, he has experienced some significant commercial losses that may give rise to legal problems. But this past week, he grabbed headlines for all the wrong 

reasons when it became clear that his personal charity had engaged in some rather dubious business practices.

The Daily Beast claims that Tom Brady has been paying his non-profit organisation more than $1.6 million in payments to his for-profit business, which is eight times more

 than Brady has ever given the organisation. Making matters worse, the nonprofit organisation has not gotten any regular financing or donations since 2020 and has 

been operating at a large $7 million deficit. Brady made a very shady move that sparked a lot of controversy, and the NFL community certainly had a lot to say about it on Twitter.

It would be overboard to say this is what having your own charity is FOR, per se, but they are designed to make this incredibly easy Zack Budryk tweet.

Tom Brady doing some serious Brett Favre-ing tweet by Adam Best. 

It's been quite a year for the illustrious quarterback with the scandals, the financial setbacks, and all the on-field challenges.