Myles Garrett, a linebacker for the Browns, shares his surprise about playing the Dolphins.

Week 10 saw the Miami Dolphins defeat the Cleveland Browns 39-17, and standout pass-rusher Myles Garrett was rather taken aback by one particular play in the contest.

Garrett stated on Friday that he was astounded by the Dolphins' meticulous preparation for the Browns.

The defensive lineman claimed that it appeared as though the Dolphins had a response for each move the Browns made and that they were well aware of Cleveland's intentions

and were prepared to thwart them.This seems to be a rare occurrence in the NFL. After all, Garrett doesn't say it after every game.

Furthermore, he is not blaming the Browns of failing to adapt, as he has in the past. He says they tried, but even their changes couldn't overcome Miami.

This is undoubtedly a glowing recommendation for Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel and the work he has done thus far.

Tua Tagovailoa has received appreciation for him for bringing out the best in him, but his influence has been felt by the entire team. The Dolphins have won four straight games,

improving to 7-3 overall. They may cause a lot of difficulties for teams in the last stretch and the playoffs, according to what Garrett is suggesting.