Micah Parsons' Decision Shocked the NFL World.

On Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys were crushing the Minnesota Vikings, 40-3.

Micah Parsons, a standout linebacker for the Cowboys, has wrecked havoc on the Vikings during the entire game,

but he recently had to visit the injury tent to have a knee problem examined. Fortunately, Parsons seems to be alright.

On this Sunday afternoon, Parsons is back in the contest. The NFL community is somewhat stunned.

"Why was Micah Parsons back out on the field? It's 40-3 and he just came out of the medical tent," one fan wrote.

"Why’s Parsons back in. He needs to rest up for next week if he’s good to play no reason to keep him in," another fan added.

On Sunday, the Cowboys have a 40-3 advantage over the Vikings. After the game, Dallas might have clarifications on its Parsons decision.