Menu Madness: In-N-Out's Unveils Fresh Offerings Since 2018! 

In-N-Out Burger introduces two new beverage options: Cherry Coke and Lite Pink Lemonade. 

The Lite Pink Lemonade replaces the Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade but remains sugar-free. 

In-N-Out typically offers a small selection of soft drinks, making these additions significant. 

The announcement was made on Instagram, generating excitement among customers. 

The last menu addition occurred in 2018 when hot cocoa returned after a hiatus since the 1970s. 

The recent Idaho store opening caused eight-hour wait times, drawing significant attention. 

Despite being open for over a week, customers still endure long lines at the new Idaho location. 

In-N-Out's expansion plan includes entering New Mexico by 2027, marking its first venture into the state. 

The chain's history of a limited menu makes any new additions a notable event. 

In-N-Out's strategy of minimal changes enhances the significance of introducing new menu items.