Major Odell Beckham Jr. move revealed by Dak Prescott.

Odell Beckham Jr., a star wide receiver, is still a free agent with a variety of alternatives across the league, but it appears he has settled on either joining the Dallas Cowboys

or returning to the New York Giants as his final two options.Odell Beckham Jr. has undoubtedly been the target of the Cowboys' aggressive pursuit, and Cowboys quarterback 

Dak Prescott said on Tuesday that he has personally contacted the veteran receiver to entice him to Dallas."He knows how much I want him here, and many of the players have

gotten in touch with him independently in a variety of ways to make sure he knows this is a team he can support. According to Patrik Walker of the Cowboys website,

Prescott remarked,"And we want him to come help.Prescott disclosed that the two had spoken   numerous times and that there seems to be a shared interest between the two parties.

“Mutual. Sincerity be told, it's mutual, Prescott said. "I said it's business because of that. More than just a person's desire to go somewhere is involved.

Although I realize it will be a factor, I sense that there is a mutual understanding.Beckham isn't the only player Prescott is trying to get to join his squad, though

Also attempting to persuade his close friend to sign with the Giants is injured Giants receiver Sterling Shephard.Following Thanksgiving, Beckham is allegedly going to both teams.