Krispy Kreme donuts are now available at McDonald's.

Despite the fact that McDonald's began as a burger joint, these days the brand seems to be almost as well-known for its Egg McMuffins and hashbrowns as it is for its lunch

and supper offerings. The breakfast menu at McDonald's has evolved into a modern classic, and in 2015 (according to USA Today), the restaurant business even began offering 

breakfast all day. Unfortunately for fans of the dinnertime McGriddles, however, the all-day breakfast service will be discontinued by McDonald's in 2020.

However, it didn't completely abandon breakfast; in fact, some changes have been made to the morning menu recently. The chain recently introduced a limited-edition cheesy

breakfast pastry, and it appears that it is looking into further inventive ways to improve its breakfast menu. In some locations, 

the restaurant has now announced a special limited agreement with Krispy Kreme that will add donuts to the menu.

Beginning on October 26, McDonald's is introducing something sweet to its menu, and Louisville, Kentucky residents will have the rare opportunity to try it.

Oh, and Krispy Kreme donuts will be accessible throughout the day, unlike the savoury items on the McDonald's breakfast menu (via Restaurant Business Online).