Josh Allen Identifies the Two Who Got Him To The Game On Sunday.

Josh Allen and other Buffalo Bills players encountered numerous difficulties getting to the airport this weekend before the team's departure to Detroit.

When your area receives more than six feet of snow, that frequently occurs.

The Bills' home game was relocated from Highmark Stadium to Ford Field in the Motor City due to the intense storm.

According to the CBS show, Allen attributed his getting out of the house and onto the road to get to the airport to his two farming neighbors

The men's names, according to Allen, are Squirrel Winters and Mark Braun.

Gotta adore a Squirrel assisting the neighborhood's star QB after a snowfall. Bills Mafia is constantly prepared to support their fellow members.

Allen has had a quiet afternoon so far against the Browns while remaining in safety with all of his teammates in Detroit. 

The Bills now lead by 25-10 after his 186-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter.