Jim Harbaugh's message to Ohio State supporters is brutally honest.

After the Michigan Wolverines' victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday afternoon, Michigan players erected a UM flag on the field of Ohio Stadium.

Fans of Ohio State were understandably upset by the change.

On Sunday afternoon, Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, responded to the action. He was fine with it and had a message for angry Ohio State supporters.

This is how a rivalry appears."I believe the rivalry has plenty of fuel. There are songs that don't give a damn about Michigan as a whole. All is well.

More than a century has passed since it began. All is well."Excellent for Jim Harbaugh.

Over the previous eight to ten years, Ohio State has spoken negatively about Michigan a lot.

The moment has come for Michigan to repay the favor.

The 2023 match cannot come soon enough (for Ohio State, at least).