It appears that the "World's Worst McDonald's" will permanently close.

The majority of Yelp reviews give the eatery one and a half stars and note that the service was good and the fries were hot. This Ottawa, Ontario location's atmosphere is what

makes it so terrible. The area lives up to its reputation as a "beacon of pandemonium," as described by the Chief of Police of Ottawa, and as having "the atmosphere of a prison."

A YouTube video shows dozens of customers fighting and one brandishing a raccoon as a weapon in 2013 became extremely popular.

At least 800 calls to the police were made to this location in 2018 alone. Considering the "ongoing criminal activity and social disorder" present,

Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau wrote to the CEO of McDonald's Canada pleading with him to close the risky site as a result of this negative behaviour.

The letter did have an impact. McDonald's shifted the opening hours of the restaurant to 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. While these actions did assist in reducing the number of 911 calls to

150 in 2022, that still represents one per about 2.5 days. You cannot use the restaurant's restrooms or sit down at this time.

But given that McDonald's decided not to extend the lease, it appears that this infamous location will eventually close its doors come April.