Interesting Changes Are Made By The Browns Regarding Deshaun Watson.

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Browns, was scheduled to meet with the media on Wednesday before his first game following an 11-game suspension.

However, that has changed today, according to Jake Trotter of ESPN.

DeShaun Watson is no longer anticipated to speak today, according to Trotter. Noting that since August 18 "the Browns quarterback hasn't spoken with the media,"

Following several lawsuits and allegations of sexual misconduct and assault involving massage therapists, Watson is getting ready to participate in his

first significant NFL game in nearly two years.

For breaking the NFL's personal conduct policy, the three-time Pro Bowler received an 11-game suspension from the league as well as a $5 million fine.

According to reports, 10 of Watson's accusers and their attorney will be present at NRG Stadium for his comeback game

against Houston to convey the following message: "We remain here. We count."