Forget Disney Lines, Experience Luxury! World's Best Resorts Await in Florida's Sunshine! 

Four Seasons at The Surf Club is named in the top 100 hotels globally, ranking 28th. 

It's acclaimed as the best hotel in Florida (excluding Miami) by Condé Nast Traveler. 

The hotel's history includes notable guests like Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill. 

Earned Forbes Five-Star Award in 2023 and named the best resort in Greater Miami Beach. 

Only one other Florida hotel listed: The Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach. 

Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, California, ranked as the best hotel globally. 

Awards are based on reader submissions and ratings on a five-point scale. 

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is Florida's only destination spa on the list. 

The Marker Harbor Resort in Key West topped the list for the Florida Keys. 

Palm Beach properties like Four Seasons and Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa ranked globally. 

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