For Those Who Are Blaming Referees For The Eagles' First Loss, Jason Kelce Has A Blunt Message.

In the crucial Eagles-Commanders game on Monday night, which saw Philadelphia suffer their first season setback, the referees came under heavy fire for their decisions.

But Eagles center Jason Kelce had a warning for those who blame the referees for their defeat: Stop it. When he and his brother Travis spoke on the New Heights Show podcast,

Kelce chastised people for blaming the officials alone rather than acknowledging that the Eagles had opportunities to win the game that they squandered on their own.

I detest when people blame referees, said Kelce. "We missed numerous opportunities to win that football game even though we had them. There's a perception now (about officials),

and I believe it's because to replay and the ability to pause action in High Definition... Officials won't always be flawless. You have to go play the game that is called

since they won't make every call. Dallas Goedert was wearing a mask at the time! "No, that wasn't it!" Why, you ask? Because they failed to raise the goddamn flag!"

Putting one's defeat on another person is referred to as having "a loser's attitude" by Kelce. He acknowledged that although it may feel horrible at the time, there will

always be other opportunities.The Eagles lost their first game during the regular season, dropping to 8-1 overall. They are now tied with the Minnesota Vikings for the best

record in the NFL, but they are also just one game clear of their division opponent, the New York Giants, in the NFC East.Teams don't need the officials to make it more

difficult in a season with so few games and little margin for error. Jason Kelce, however, argues that this does not imply that if they lose, the entire game is now on them.