For Christmas, McDonald's is introducing a brand-new Mighty McMuffin.

McDonald's just revealed that a brand-new McMuffin is on the way and very soon!With the addition of bacon, sausage, cheese, and eggs, along with the choice of ketchup or 

brown sauce,the new McMuffin is very similar to the originals.It combines "all the greatest components of your favorite McMuffins," as McDonald's puts it on Instagram.The morning

sandwich will be available in addition to all the new limited-edition Yuletide menu items, such as the Big Tasty, the festive pie, and the Celebrations McFlury (without Bounty,

as they have since been eliminated!). ...the much-loved Christmas melt dippers, all of which arrive on November 23.You can get a McMuffin for for £3.99 or £5.59 when it comes

with a meal, but act quickly! Unlike the new McCrispy that was added to the permanent menu earlier this year, the Mighty McMuffin is a limited edition item and will only be

available for a six-week period during the Christmas season.Additionally, McDonald's has announced plans for a Christmas Tour, where they will stop at five locations around the UK

(starting on the 23rd)to provide free food and Christmas cards to families. Maccies lovers may be able to experience the new Mighty McMuffin during this tour. Colchester, Swindon,

Derby, Llandudno, and Doncaster are among the places.The Festive Bake has now been brought back to Greggs along with the rest of its Christmas menu, while Nandos has even added a

new seasoning and side to go along with its new holiday-themed products. Therefore, whatever your taste, there will be something to satisfy your holiday cravings the next time you

go shopping for Christmas.Beginning November 23rd, customers in the UK will be able to order from the Mighty McMuffin and McDonald's Christmas menus.