For Black Friday, Popeyes is offering free chicken sandwiches.

On Black Friday, skip the turkey and enjoy a delicious Popeyes fried chicken sandwich for nothing.The chicken restaurant business is commemorating the holiday with free

chicken sandwiches.Because Black Friday... blackened... it also marks the introduction of its blackened chicken sandwich, a non-fried but strongly seasoned option.

Get it? Whatever the reason, as long as it's a good offer, we don't care.

However, the catch is about to be revealed. To receive a sandwich for free, you must place an order for a chicken sandwich combo.

Therefore, you'll need to work along with a pal on this one, store one in your refrigerator for later, or just be extremely hungry.

From November 25 to December 4, you can get a complimentary sandwich of your choice from the selection offered. You can add an additional sandwich to your order for free

when you place a chicken sandwich combo order through the website or mobile app for pickup or delivery. If you submit different orders, you can even obtain as many complimentary 

chicken sandwiches as you wish. Sounds like a budget-friendly way to observe Friendsgiving.