During a World Cup game, the referee creates history.

During the Poland-Mexico game, FIFA tweeted that French head referee Stephanie Frappert was the first woman to ever supervise a world cup match in the 96-year history

of the FIFA World Cup.Even still, one has to wonder if FIFA held onto this to use as a showpiece of their

progressiveness at one of the most dishonest sporting events in recent memory.

In any case, it is wonderful to see FIFA making an effort to support a historically disenfranchised group of people,

despite how late and little of an influence it has, even though doing so could ruffle the feathers of their cartoonishly authoritarian patrons.

The Athletic reports that she is now refereeing at the men's World Cup alongside two other female referees, Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda and Yoshimi Yamashita of Japan.

She has previously officiated in Ligue 1 and the men's Champions League. The men's World Cup will have female referees for the first time.

Whether Frappart will referee any matches including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran—nations that have historically and currently violated the rights of women—remains to be seen.