Dodgers: Auction Results for Fan Who Stole Albert Pujols' 700th Home Run Ball

Any baseball fan's desire is to catch a ball as a memento to take home when attending a game. Even if a home run ball is better than a foul ball, it's difficult to top Albert

Pujols' 700th home run ball.On September 23, Pujols and the Cardinals went to the Dodgers, and Pujols needed two home runs to reach 700 to make history. While both Dodgers

players and fans eagerly anticipated Pujols' achievement, many didn't think it would be possible for Pujols to do so in just one game.This was obviously not the case. A fortunate

fan was allowed to take home the historic home run ball.The fan was asked if he would give the ball back to Pujols, but he declined because he wanted to sell it for money.

The wager was successful, and the fan profited significantly from selling the ball at auction.Pujols, a genuine professional in the game, didn't care that he didn't get the ball

back. He would have liked to keep the ball, but he understands that ultimately the souvenirs are for the fans.The fan walks away with a memento that very likely profoundly

transformed his life, while Pujols leaves the game as one of the all-time greats. Even after the best players in the game retire, there will still be plenty of home runs,

 but it seems impossible to recreate the magic Pujols brought to the game.