Dispute with Broncos teammates caused by Russell Wilson's "goofy" offseason behaviour

Despite the signing of former Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos season has been a dismal failure. This wasn't how it was meant to proceed.

Many people believed that the Broncos would be Super Bowl contenders and that they needed just one more quarterback to take off. There goes that.Wilson has drawn criticism 

for his unwavering optimism and catchphrases, despite the subpar performance and defeat. His teammate Mike Purcell was observed ranting at Wilson this week, which seemed to be

the tipping point. But according to NFL Network Insider Mike Garafolo, it seems like there has been some tension since he arrived in Denver.Garafolo revealed his insight on

the "Insiders' show" on the NFL Network. We were informed early on that these players were secretly rolling their eyes at Wilson while he was acting silly during the offseason and 

into training camp.But before the season even starts, Wilson's antics are one thing. Wilson, though, must perform when the team deals its future. As he is currently through 

his worst season of his career, he has done anything but that. According to some sources, he was shouting out audibles that he had previously utilised with the Seahawks.

His former teammates are lining up to criticise him. It appears that his present teammates are annoyed by his pranks.

If Russell Wilson could guide the squad to victories, all would be forgiven. The Broncos, who are at 3-8, were just humiliated by the Carolina Panthers.