Despite Saudi Arabia's defeat, Argentina remains the tournament favorite.

After losing to Saudi Arabia 2-1 on Tuesday, Argentina's prospects of winning the 2022 World Cup aren't being heavily discounted by bookmakers.One of the biggest upsets in

World Cup history was Saudi Arabia's victory. Before the game began, Saudi Arabia had a +1800 win probability.  The victory has little bearing on Argentina's hopes of winning the

World Cup.At BetMGM, the Argentines were the second-most-bet team to win the World Cup with odds of +500. They are currently only the No. 4 favorite at +750.Why? It's fairly easy.

First off, Argentina significantly outperformed Saudi Arabia,therefore it's fair to conclude the defeat was an aberration. The risky offside trap used by Saudi Arabia was

successful,but there were a few near calls. Due to offsides rulings,three of Argentina's goals from the first half were disallowed.Saudi Arabia only attempted three shots in total,

and only two of those attempts were successful in finding the back of the net. That shooting rate is erratic. Teams who possess the ball more frequently and attempt more shots,

like Argentina did on Tuesday, typically prevail.Further, on Tuesday, Mexico and Poland were tied. Argentina will finish in the top two if it defeats Mexico on Saturday,

which puts them just one point away from second place in the group.In the remaining two group stage games, Argentina is favored against both Mexico and Poland. Six points from

two victories in both games will ensure that Argentina finishes in the top two and moves on to the knockout stage. Furthermore, with a win and a draw in its next two games,

Argentina has a chance to advance to the Round of 16.Sure, if Argentina loses to Mexico on Saturday, it would be eliminated from the World Cup following the group stage,

but bookmakers don't expect that to happen. Mexico is at +450 to win the game, while Argentina is -175 to defeat Mexico. Argentina's upcoming two games are a good bet if

you're ready to take another shot at the odds. If what happened against Saudi Arabia occurs again against either Mexico or Poland, it will be shocking.