Del Taco has new Crunchy November Deals.

Right now, there are a tonne of amazing bargains in the fast food industry that can help you save both time and money on food.

There are several ways to get a deal at Del Taco. According to a press announcement given to Mashed, the California eatery will celebrate many upcoming food holidays in

 November with some crunchtastic offers. Thanksgiving is perhaps the best day for food in November. With specials, coupons, and discounts, Del Taco is getting ready to

observe a few of the other food holidays that are spread out throughout the month. The first event on the calendar is National Nachos Day on Sunday, November 6.

Del Taco will honor the well-known stadium treat by offering Del Yeah! According to a press release given to Mashed, rewards members with a complimentary small drink 

with the purchase of its Queso Loaded Nachos. On November 9, also known as National Fried Chicken Day, there will be a subsequent opportunity to save. 

Del Taco will once again only make a BOGO deal on the handheld available to members of its loyalty program, offering customers the choice to acquire two of its crispy

chicken tacos for the price of one. This is done to honor the crispy chicken. Finally, on Wednesday, November 16, Del Yeah!

Rewards members will be able to obtain a free combo meal with the purchase of any other combo meal in observance of National Fast Food Day.