Crucial Threats to Spousal Social Security Benefits 

Divorce within 10 years of marriage renders spousal benefits on an ex's work record ineligible. 

Post-10-year divorces allow claiming spousal benefits, if higher than personal benefits, after a 2-year divorce. 

Remarriage nullifies spousal benefits from an ex's work record, but new spouse benefits may apply. 

After a spouse's death, their Social Security benefits and spousal benefits stop; survivors' benefits may apply. 

The Social Security earnings test, which is based on income and age, affects spousal benefits.

Earning over set thresholds affects benefits; withheld money is later included upon reaching full retirement age. 

Familiarize with these scenarios to adapt financial planning for potential Social Security changes 

Questions about spousal Social Security benefits can be directed to the Social Security Administration for clarification. 

Awareness of eligibility criteria and regulations is crucial to avoid losing or altering spousal benefits. 

Understanding the impact of life events on Social Security helps in devising a revised financial strategy.