Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates goal, but it's given to Bruno Fernandes.

When FIFA reported that Bruno Fernandes had scored Portugal's first goal against Uruguay just moments after Cristiano Ronaldo had been celebrating his own goal,

Ronaldo's elation immediately turned to bewilderment.In the 54th minute of Monday night's World Cup 2022 match, the score was finally broken when Ronaldo headed Fernandes'

looping cross into the bottom corner.Ronaldo ran off in celebration, but it was difficult to see if he had made any contact with the ball because Fernandes' ball

appeared to have continued on its course.The scorer was then identified as Fernandes on the stadium's large screen.The World Cup portal for FIFA tweeted shortly after that:

"The goal has officially been ruled as scored by Bruno Fernandes."The goal's author was unclear because Fernandes was listed as the scorer on FIFA's website while Ronaldo was 

credited with "getting the tiniest of glance it past Rochet" in their live blog.Ronaldo would have became the oldest player to score in back-to-back World Cup 

games if the goal had been given to him because he scored a penalty against Ghana in Portugal's opening match.A tenth World Cup goal would have tied him with Portuguese 

icon Eusebio's total as well.With eight minutes left, the Portugal captain was removed, so he will now have to wait a little longer to accomplish those goals.