Burger King introduces a gourmet product meant to compete with a McDonald's fan favorite.

The reintroduction of the McCrispy burger by McDonald's this season has been one of the brand's most exciting initiatives.

This move followed many of the company's fans' persistent requests for the company to consistently offer a chicken burger on the menu. Since its debut, it has wowed fans of

fast food and managed to live up to the hype.According to Mirror, Burger King has now introduced the new Steakhouse Crispy Chicken Burger, a gourmet chicken burger that is

sufficiently unique to compete with the McCrispy. Here are all the specifics we are aware of regarding this fascinating launch.On their brand-new burgers, Burger King is offering

a fantastic buy one, get one free deal.The company claims that its new "mouth-watering" burger would be tantalizing enough to win over even the most discriminating customers.

100% juicy chicken is used to make the burger, which is served on a brioche bun with silky oak-smoked cheddar cheese, fresh rocket, sizzling bacon, and crispy onions on top.

For loyal admirers, the brand guarantees a whole gastronomic experience. The price of the burger is £7.99, and the whole price of the meal, including fries and soda, is £9.99.

With a great special deal, customers of Burger King may now try the new burger. By using the Burger King app, you can take advantage of the buy one, get one free

promotion on the Steakhouse Crispy Chicken Burger and the Steakhouse Angus Burger through Friday, November 25.