Anthony Rizzo's brilliant 5-word answer to the Yankees' comeback will get the crowd pumped.

Despite not winning the World Series in 2022, Anthony Rizzo was a standout performer for the New York Yankees. On Tuesday, he ran back a two-year, $34 million 

contract with the Bronx Bombers.In a statement confirming his new deal on Wednesday, Rizzo made it clear that he was "over the moon" to return to the Big Apple.

I love being a Yankee. Anthony Rizzo's five-word response. Rizzo is now a free agent after rejecting his $19.65 million qualifying offer. 

The slugger hit.224 with 32 home runs and 75 RBI last season, which was an impressive power combination. Before Rizzo signed, Aaron Boone observed on The Michael Kay Show recently:

In addition to producing, Rizzo was well-liked by the audience and his colleagues. He exceeded all of our expectations.

He's been a great addition to our clubhouse.An outstanding teammate and leader who excels on the field. I am positive that I am a good fit to play with the Yankees.

He effectively handles all of the responsibilities that come with being one of the greatest players and leaders around here, in my opinion. I naturally want him to come back,

so Veteran Anthony Rizzo is motivated by competition and has an optimistic perspective.He is the perfect illustration of a Yankees player. Rizzo will at least be back

in the running,which is comforting for the city given the uncertainty surrounding Judge's future in New York and the different groups fighting for his services.