Amazon Launches New Benefit for Prime Members amid Slowing Subscription Growth

Although fast and free shipping is what first draws people to Amazon's Prime subscription programme, it also has a number of additional benefits, and has recently introduced 

a new one.In a period of intense competition and slowing growth, Amazon said this week that it is expanding the free tier of its music-streaming service, Amazon Music, to include

tens of millions of ad-free songs for its customers.According to the tech juggernaut, there are more than 200 million Prime members globally. The U.S. Prime subscription growth 

rate was once close to 20% each year, but Insider Intelligence predicts that it will fall to just 2% by 2025.The slowdown happens while subscription competition is at an

all-time high.Walmart introduced its membership programme in 2020, offering customers free shipping on tens of thousands of products. According to CNBC, there are currently

11 million users of Walmart+.Additionally, Walmart has made an effort to sweeten the deal by including a Paramount+ membership earlier this year.Amazon seems to be retaliating

by enhancing the music offerings for Prime subscribers.Jamil Ghani, vice president of Amazon Prime, told WSJ, "We continue to invest in Prime.""The newest example of

ongoing investment is music. I want more music was the most frequent response we got from members. So, together with the publishers, we found out how to make that happen in 

the service.""The most recent illustration of ongoing investment is music. I want more music was the most common statement made by members.

So we found out how to make that happen in the service along with the publishers."