Alabama coach Nick Saban's post-victory comment has gone viral.

In their matchup with Austin Peay on Saturday afternoon, the Alabama Crimson Tide prevailed.The team led by Nick Saban shut down the opposition's offense to seal the victory while

still allowing the Governors to gain just over 200 offensive yards. In contrast, Alabama amassed almost 500 yards of offense in its 34-0 victory.

That contributed to the issue, at least for some supporters. Some people weren't pleased with Alabama's decision to play its starters far into the fourth quarter.

Saban had a message for the naysayers after the game.

After the game, Saban said, "If that's the only thing we have to complain about today, then I think God has blessed me."

Thankfully, no critical players for the Tide suffered significant injuries throughout the game, as fans undoubtedly fretted.

The Iron Bowl, one of the best rivalry games in college football, is currently being prepared for by Alabama.

In what should be a thrilling matchup, Alabama welcomes Auburn.