After winning the World Series, Astros supporters made fun of Carlos Correa.

The Houston Astros have won the World Series, this time ostensibly without using any unfair means, and Carlos Correa has received some of the harshest criticism from

Astros supporters.Last offseason, after becoming a free agent, Correa left Houston for the Minnesota Twins. His shortstop replacement in Houston, 25-year-old Jeremy Pea,

was named World Series MVP after the Astros completed a 4-2 series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies thanks to his go-ahead home run in Game 5 in Philadelphia.

It goes without saying that Correa received harsh criticism from Astros fans (and, to be fair, other baseball fans) for choosing to leave Houston.

Correa is also not likely to remain in Minnesota for very long. Despite the Twins reportedly being interested in re-signing him,

he has stated he will exercise the opt out provision in his contract and look for another free agent deal.

However, given how the Twins played this year and in the playoffs for 20 years, 

there is probably little hope that he will find a World Series in Minnesota.